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The WCM Center for Trauma and Addiction is an outpatient, evidence based mental health treatment program that focuses on healing developmental and adult trauma.

For our client’s safety and convenience, all services are currently being offered virtually using a secure Weill Cornell platform.

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LGBTQIA+ Community

The WCM LGBTQIA+ Trauma Treatment Program is an outpatient psychotherapy treatment program that focuses on the healing of trauma in the LGBTQIA+ population.

Military Veterans

The WCM Veteran Trauma Treatment program provides evidence-based treatment for combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

COVID-19 Survivors

We offer treatment to heal the negative psychological impact of surviving or witnessing COVID-19.

Health Care Workers

We have a 30+ year history of working with the specific psychological needs of health care workers.

Domestic Violence Survivors

Our trauma therapists are equipped with psychological interventions to heal survivors of domestic violence.

Substance Abuse

Our addiction psychiatrists, physicians and trauma therapists can treat the underlying causes and present day behaviors connected to alcohol and substance misuse.

Our Approach

Our faculty and clinical staff address PTSD and related issues using a three phase approach and EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy. 

Insurances Accepted

We accept Aetna, Trustmark and Empire BC/BS Insurance. We also work with clients who are self-pay or who can use out of network insurance.

Success Stories

"Without the trauma center, I would have become someone who was abusive, couldn’t maintain a job, or have meaningful relationships.  

With the trauma center, I now have a family, I’ve met my career goals, and I live a fulfilling and balanced life." 


-CW, former Marine

"My therapy experience with Gerard at the Center has been nothing short of extraordinary and has had a profound positive impact on my life.


Gerard has not only guided me through understanding my PTSD and allowing me to feel like I was in control of my own emotions again, but also allowed me to surpass my own personal and professional goals as a result of my therapy."


–MP, veteran and former EMT.

"My husband’s therapist is someone I consider quite extraordinary. Often I feel he keeps my husband afloat, on some days alive, and on some days it appears that he reminds him of simple joys in life.


I am extremely grateful to the Center, not just for my husband’s sake, but for the sake of our marriage as well."